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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Due to the 2020 Pandemic we are giving the highest priority to all religious organizations to activate the text and web donation system in 24 hours. We understand that this is a time of great need and all initial fees are $0 with a 30 day free trial. Your congregation can start receiving emergency funds within a day.

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Streamline Electronic Generosity With Donations

We’ve worked hard to make donations and tithe a lot easier. With custom donation forms, beautiful fundraising pages, text messaging, donor management tools and more, Generous.Gives will become your way for collecting donations online, through text messages, custom Android and iOS apps, and free donation Kiosks. Our donation system was designed to be simple for both you and your donors, saving you time and creating more opportunities to reach your goals.

One Relationship: From Payments To Software And Support

With Generous.Gives, you have a single source for everything from the entire software platform, full integrated merchant account. This system has no upfront costs and no costs to accept donations. Unlike others systems your organization could give up much needed funds up to the 5% that other companies charge—with Generous.Give the cost to your organization is 0% rate and $0 transaction fee. We can offer this unique feature because you are dealing directly with a bank and not endless middle parties and startups. We are a company with 40+ years in payments and donation systems.

Generous.Gives | Compatible With All Church Management Systems

We are 100% compatible with all church management systems and software. Our experts will help your accounting staff connected with these systems to make reporting and accounting simple and fast. With Generous.Gives we will simplify donations.

Generous.Gives | Text Message Giving

Churches and organizations using Generous.Gives Text Giving love the simplicity and convenience it provides their donors, enabling users to text donations in a matter of seconds. Text Giving is offered as the most convenient giving solution for your ministry. You get your own toll-free text number that not only allows you to receive donations, but to also send out a mass notification whenever you need. It is the simplest way to receive a donation electronically, once the donors are signed up, it is just two steps to get a donation.

Generous.Gives | Web Giving

Generous.Gives added to your church’s or organization’s website seamlessly collect information and payments, let people give to specific funds, and manage and track online donations. You have more control at your fingertips because forms allow complete customization. The donor can even set up a recurring tithe or donation on a monthly basis with just a click.

Generous.Gives | Mobile App

Mobile donations have never been more convenient than with Generous.Gives very powerful mobile giving app. With the iOS or Android App, donors can manage their online giving directly from their phones. They can update payment methods, select specific funds, and adjust the frequency they choose to give.


Generous.Gives | Free Donation Kiosk

Increase your donations by capturing missed donor opportunities. Utilize our free donation kiosk. Customize the entire look and feel to accurately represent your organization. Donors can choose multiple funding options like one-time or recurring donations with credit or debit cards. We have an array of platforms with the basic model deployed for free—ready to use.

Free Generous.Gives Kiosk Includes:

  • Free Kiosk
  • 9.6″ Screen
  • Card Save Feature
  • Wall mount included (table mount and floor stand available)

Generous.Gives | Accept Gift Card Donations

Only with Generous.Gives can your donor use Gift Cards, form 100s of national businesses. This donation alternative is a marketing and competitive advantage for all non profits. Donors benefit from being able to use the full value of their Gift Cards to donate.

With more than $40 Billion in unused gift cards collecting dust, in the US alone, and every major retailer selling their gift cards online and in retail, the market volume potential is enormous and growing.

There are currently more than $44 Billion Dollars in unused Gift Cards in the United States. Generous.Gives enables your organization to accept these Gift Cards as payment, just like cash.

When an existing Gift Card is used by a donor, they see it as “Found Money” and typically give more on their donations.

Generous.Gives | Testimonials

“Our church partnered with Generous.Gives back in August of 2017. Since the initial launch of our Generous.Gives donation tools, we have witnessed a substantial increase in giving. We have seen consistent growth by 60-70% in the amount of donations received monthly, since our launch. I can say with absolute certainty that we would not have seen the same monetary increase in donations had we continued without Generous.Gives’s products. We thank Generous.Gives and join in their mission to helping churches grow through the use of modern technology.”

Apostolic Tabernacle United Pentecostal ChurchMar 11, 2018 

“Just got our new kiosks set up last night. They are spectacular!!! They were simple to set up and are so easy to use. Absolutely thrilled with the kiosks!”

N.W. World Victory ChurchApr 20, 2018 

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We will custom tailor a system that meets your organization’s needs. Our programs start with just a $10 monthly cost. We will work with you on every element of the design and installation with one single point of contact. Enroll now or call now, book an appointment or complete the form below.

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All of our programs have no Application Fees or setup fees. The savings on just the application fee alone is quite large (some are as high as $500).

All of our programs have no Hidden Fees. What we quote is what you pay, clear and simple. Many of the providers have hidden fees in their contracts.

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