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Our mission is to provide business cash advances at the cheapest possible rates – by providing the first search engine for the business cash advance industry. We understand the pressure that small business owners face to keep costs low — especially when already in need of financing — and we are proud to present the only platform designed to give access to business cash advances at the cheapest possible rates. We are a one stop shop that gives merchant the power to find their best financing options by serving a direct portal to over 20 pre-approved lenders.

The Advantage, when a merchant seeks out a cash advance, he will typically work with a broker who not only charges a hefty fee. He will likely present the merchant with the best deal for himself as well as run the merchants credit several times, negatively impacting the merchants credit. As well, the merchant can be faced with signing multiple applications, numerous faxes and rescinded offers. With us you cut out that broker. This means no unnecessary fees and the merchant retains complete control to accept the offer that best fits their business. All while having their credit pulled just once during the approval process. Let’s get you funded Today.

Our Search engine provides Small Business Loans designed to get you the financing you need under the terms that work best for you. As with all small business owners, managing a business is a fulfilling but complicated task, requiring large amounts of your time, dedication and effort.

Ensuring that you obtain the funds you need to expand your business in a timely manner is not only our priority, but our responsibility as your financing partner. These loans differ from traditional small business loans in that they do not require lengthy applications, documentations, or deny your application based on stringent FICO scores.

Our streamlined application process is quick, digital and simple, offering you benefits that many traditional Small Business Bank loans often fail to provide.

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